Ready to Move Off Campus? How Are You Going to Find the Right Apartment?

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In 2013, nearly seven million students in the U.S. enrolled in four year college programs, and more than six million enrolled in public two year colleges ? that?s a lot of students in need of housing. And the best way to find the right student housing for you is by using apartment search engines ? they save so much time and energy otherwise spent walking and driving around an area you may not yet know well.

According to the 2012 Census, it was estimated that more than 50 thousand people lived in college housing arrangements. Females made up 54% of students living in American dorm rooms, while an estimated 46% were male. And while campus housing can be an attractive option, it can fill up quickly. If you don?t act swiftly enough, there may not be on campus housing available. Using apartment search engines as a back up plan, to find off campus apartments allows a student to find a secure place to live.

Many students prefer to live in off campus apartments, anyway, because they can provide more space and privacy. Granted, college students should plan financially for the extra costs that come with off campus living, such as electricity, sanitation charges, and other utilities. Good apartment search engines generally list what is and is not included in the rent.

Some Things for Students Looking for Housing to Keep in Mind

  • When leasing college student apartments, always learn what you may be responsible for, and what damages could be your responsibility.
  • When looking at off campus student housing, do a thorough check for issues and damage in the apartment before signing anything.
  • Take pictures of any damages or issues and submit them before you sign the lease, to help to prevent you from being held liable later.
  • Check for mold and water damage, as mold can lead to costly repairs and health problems.
  • Make sure all the appliances work before signing the lease.

It can sound like a lot, especially if this is your first time away from home, but you?ve got this! It?s going to be amazing! Now get on those apartment search engines and go find your new place.

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