How to Identify High-Quality Preschools



Finding the perfect preschool for your child is at the top of any parent’s list of priorities. The video linked is a great visual aid for identifying the top qualities of a high-quality pre-K program. Let’s take a look at what makes some preschools better than others.

We are first introduced to the project approach of learning, which allows the children to guide the curriculum used in the classroom.

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This approach emphasizes the child’s engagement in their coursework, which is bolstered by their knowledge that their perspective and their voice is being listened to. When the curriculum is student-directed, more time is allowed for learning and less time for behavior management. This makes a typical day at preschool much more manageable for teachers and more fun for students.

Another aspect of a high-quality preschool is an approach that is open-ended and not task-oriented. A classroom that gives children materials to explore is one that will be continually engaging as the school year progresses. Also, when the kids are trusted to make their own discoveries with the tools they are provided, they learn a sense of responsibility that they can learn to apply to the real world as they grow up.

To learn more about enrolling your child in high-quality preschools, click on the video we’ve linked above.

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