What You Should Know About Torque Measurements



Torque measurements are used in various applications and fields, including engineering, motor manufacturing, and even physics. As the YouTube video “Torque and Power Measurement System (TPMS) Horvath Research” points out, torque measurements need accurate sensors and require calibrations to be done regularly because this ensures accurate readings and reliable results.

Important Torque Measurement Facts

In some scenarios, force is applied to an object, which in turn causes it to spin around an axis or pivot point. Measuring the force applied to the object to get it to spin is known as torque measurement.

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Some sensors measure torque. The most important point about torque measurement is that the sensors must be calibrated regularly. Calibration refers to measuring the sensor’s output against a universal standard and making the necessary adjustments to align the sensor output with the standard.

The second most important fact about torque measurement is that there are two types of torque measurement: static and dynamic. The former measures the force applied to rotate a static object, while the latter refers to the force required to turn a moving object. The third most important fact is that torque measurement is applied in various industries.


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