How Much Do You Know About Water Heater Replacement?



If you are a huge fan of hot showers and use warm water to do your laundry, you most definitely understand the important role electric water heaters play in your house as Lowe’s Home Improvement explain in their video, “Electric Water Heater Installation.” They are the most used units in the average home and are a vital component in many people’s lives. Choosing a replacement for your detailed hot water tank largely depends on whether you choose a gas or electric water heater.

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It is important to note that electric water heaters offer several benefits compared to heaters. Here are some of those benefits.


It’s inarguable that gas water heaters offer more safety precautions than electric ones, but one thing that sets them apart is that natural gas sometimes leaks and this increases the chance of fire or an explosion. Electric water heaters are not prone to gas leaks and therefore make them a suitable option.

Low Costs and Long Lifespans

Since electric water heaters don’t require piping or ventilation, they save you on costs when it comes to installing them. They also don’t require lots of maintenance like gas heaters.

A water heating system is a great investment to add to your home’s bathroom. When installing one, you should look up the pros and cons of each type of heating system, so that you can be prepared on what type of water heater installation you’ll have in your home.


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