Your Ultimate Guide to Ladder Safety



Whether you are in a labor-intensive field of work, or simply have a passion for hanging Christmas lights, chances are that you have used your fair share of ladders. While ladders may seem simple upon first glance, studies have shown that the number of ladder accidents every year have reason for doubts. The truth of the matter is that not everyone should climb a ladder, and that some situations are much safer than others. Safe ladder climbing techniques can avoid calls to personal injury law offices and emergency rooms, so it is crucial that you take the time to research the safest ladder practices. In this video, we will learn some tips on how to safely climb up and down ladders.

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First of all, you should always have a buddy with you while you are climbing a ladder if at all possible. If you are climbing a very high ladder, having someone standing on the bottom rung helps to balance it. Additionally, climbing should be done in a cross body fashion. Climb with your right arm and left leg, and them your left arm and right leg. This also helps to keep your balance. Reverse back down the ladder in the same way.


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