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The following video walks you through how to take care of your air conditioning system without needing a professional service provider. Maintaining your air conditioning system ensures that it offers you all the necessary services, such as cool air and a relaxing atmosphere. Call a professional if you cannot perform the following tasks.

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Clean the interior and exterior of the unit- A build-up of grass clippings and dirt can slow down the performance of your air conditioning system. Shut off the power to the unit and, with a hosepipe, wash off the debris starting from the top.
Replace or clean the air filters- At least once every month, clean the air filter. If you cannot clean it, replace it or invest in a high-quality filter.

Check the thermostat- The problem could be the thermostat. Check to see if it is working correctly. If it is not, consider upgrading to a more reliable one.

Examine the wiring system- Turn off the power and check the wiring system. If you see any burned or blackened wires or any melted insulation on them, call an expert to come and change them.

Check the fan- Lastly, you should also check the fan to see if it is in good condition. Remember to do this with the power off.

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