Little-Known Facts About Fire Restoration



Restoring a building after a fire is a more exhaustive process than most people would think. In this video, Dan and Ian show just why a professional fire restoration team is necessary to return a building to its condition before the fire.
When firefighters arrived, they blast heaps of highly pressured water into buildings.

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Water has the potential to cause its own damage, with problems such as mold growth being a major concern. Therefore, it’s not just the soot and smoke that must be dealt with.

Because of this, fire restoration can also be an expensive affair; therefore, contacting the insurance company is a good first step in the restoration process.

When it comes to dealing with a fire restoration company, getting an itemized quotation that details the scope of the work is a good step to understanding exactly what is needed. Often, it’s difficult to accurately assess the extent of the damage personally.

The attic, behind the walls, plumbing, and electrical systems are all areas that could have been compromised by the fire. Soot and smoke are also hazardous to one’s health. Even a small fire can cause unseen damage, so fire restoration is best done by professionals.

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