Pros and Cons Granite Countertops



Everybody wants granite counter tops. This video will cover the good and not so good about granite countertops, plus a couple of installation tips.

First off, they work great. They are difficult to stain, making them an excellent kitchen work surface.

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Add to that, their extraordinary durability – granite is both heat and scratch-resistant – makes it so a hot pan or knife won’t damage it.

Having granite counter tops installed also increases the resale value of a house!

However, there are some cons. Granite is expensive. Another is that granite counter tops tend to hide dirt, they can appear clean, yet an eye-level look will reveal something else. Also, note that some cleaners can be abrasive to the countertops, which will make them lose their sheen.

Lastly, hire recommended installers for your granite countertop and if you don’t like your sink, buy another one immediately so the granite can be shaped to the new sink. If you choose to get an under-mount sink, make sure it is installed securely because sinks are heavy, and a bad installation can lead to them dropping to the floor.

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