Should You Go To Urgent Care or the Emergency Room?



When you find yourself needing medical attention, what’s your reaction? For some people, it’s to call 911. For others though, if you can be level-headed enough, you can think the process through to figure out what the correct choice should be. Should you go to the urgent care or the emergency room for your health care service?

For some people, this difference is hard to see. With advancements in healthcare, we see more and more urgent cares have the ability to treat every type of patient coming through the door. This can lead you to wonder where it is you need to be to treat the illness you have? Well, there are some constants that won’t change in terms of the attention you can get.

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One thing is that you won’t find yourself with a hospital bed to stay in if you go to an urgent care. Urgent Care is trying to push people out as fast as possible so that they can treat the next customer. So if you find that your condition requires you to be immobile and needing the assistance of multiple members of hospital staff, then the emergency room is probably where you want to be. if not though, the Tumwater urgent care might be where you want to be if you get sick.

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