How Do Electricity Meters Work?



Are you familiar with the operation of electricity meters? Find out by watching this video. Electricity meters are devices that look like clocks mounted on the wall and used to keep track of the quantity of energy you consume in a month.

Every reading has a previous and current sensor reading and the difference represents your consumption of electricity throughout the month measured in kilowatt-hours. The analog and the digital meters are the two distinct varieties of electricity mainly used.

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If you have an analog electricity meter, a representative from the utility company will come to your home once a month to read the meter physically.

If you have a digital electricity meter, the information regarding your readings is transmitted to the firm that handles your utility bills immediately using internet signals or radio.

Despite their similarities to analog electricity meters, digital electricity meters have a converter that transmits the data as digital signals, lacking in older devices. The displays on digital electronic meters make the meters simpler to read and comprehend than their analog counterparts.

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