What You Must Know About Drug Testing



A negative dilute drug test result usually means that there was too much water in your urine sample to get a precise result of it based on the video by National Drug Screening, “What Is A Negative Dilute Drug Test Result.” Your urine sample has a creatinine concentration that is used as a measurement for identifying if there is a solution in it. If your urine sample contains zero creatinine, it cannot be identified as urine. Most urine samples have a creatinine value of 20-350 milligrams per deciliter. Having less than 20 milligrams per deciliter in your sample is counted as diluted.

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Everyone produces different levels of creatinine, but some people might attempt to cheat on drug tests by drinking excessive amounts of water in an attempt to “flush out” the drugs in their systems. Some try to cheat on the test by adding water to their urine sample.

If a test result comes back as a positive dilute, it means that the person tested has traces of drugs in his or her system. If a test result comes back as a negative dilute, however, it means that there was too much water to determine whether there were traces of drugs in the sample.

A way to prevent negative dilute results from your employees is to ensure that they understand excessively drinking water before the drug testing can cause a negative dilute result and that they will have to do the test again if that becomes the case.

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