An Overview of Criminal Law



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Criminal law is a legal specialty that handles the defense and prosecution of alleged criminals. The field itself is so large that there are subspecialties within it. This video gives a general overview to the specialty of criminal law and what it entails to be a criminal lawyer.

The first basic responsibility of a criminal lawyer is to enable an injured party to hold those who injured them liable and prevent them from causing more problems. This may mean getting a restraining order or sending the defendant to jail. Of course, the injured party needs to be able to prove the defendant did the accused act.

The accused act can be anything that infringes upon the rights of the other individual. It’s called “tort”. It can be theft, assault, fraud, murder, and more. The criminal lawyer will build evidence around the case in order to prosecute the alleged criminal.

There are also unintentional torts such as vehicular manslaughter. These are instances where an individual doesn’t intend to cause harm but they make a mistake which leads to the injury or death of another party.

For more information on the basics of criminal law, check out the link to the video.

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