How Metal Buildings are Made



The origin of metal buildings traces back to the Austin Company in 1917 which sold pre-modified metal building packages to entrepreneurs. The YouTube video “An Introduction to Metal Buildings” gives an overview of the evolution and functionality of metal buildings over the years.

After its introduction in the 1910s, metal buildings became highly sought after in the 1920s and 1930s due to the oil boom and the need for simple-to-construct storage centers. Metal factory buildings (also known as boom factories) enabled businesses to keep up with the economic boom that followed in the aftermath of the war.

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Metal buildings are the most popular kind of low-rise commercial buildings in America today. Although the interiors and exteriors could greatly differ, the basics of a metal building such as steel frames, wall girths, cladding, and bracing remain constant.

Metal buildings are also extremely flexible and can be used for a variety of sectors, such as manufacturing, warehousing, and aircraft housing. They are also used in many sports as team practice facilities.

They can be erected in the space of two weeks and possess roofs that are recyclable. So metal buildings are not only functional but environmentally friendly.


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