What to Do When You Need AC Repair



When the cold weather hits and your AC unit starts making loud noises, stop what you are doing and call an AC repair service. You may need to wait for them to come out and fix the problem. The video “AC won’t Turn On – The Most Common Fix” covers some tips on handling AC repair.

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Ensure that you have a list of references for the company or contractor you plan to call. You can look up these references online or through your local Better Business Bureau. It is essential to know what type of background the company has. You can feel secure in your choice and confident in the final product.

You should also have a phone number for either your home warranty or HVAC contractor. If a problem arises with your AC unit, you will be able to contact one of these parties for help. To give the repairman the best access possible, you need to turn off all the breakers in your home.

Ensure that you are not blocking any vents or refrigerant lines. This allows oil to settle at the bottom of your unit to drain it safely while being worked on. It is also vital to shut down your system for at least six hours before having someone come out and fix it.

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