How to Gain Remote Access to a Home Server



Many people, from tech enthusiasts and gamers to small business owners, have their own servers. They use these servers to share information over the internet with other people and to host large programs that they can then access from other computers. These servers are essential to either their businesses or their leisure activities, so they need to be accessible from anywhere and at any time.

Have you ever wondered if you could gain remote access to servers that are powered off? The video on this page demonstrates how to achieve this at home. First, you need to make sure you use server-grade hardware to create your server.

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While some people convert simple desktop computers into home servers, this likely won’t work as well if you need to access your server at any time.

You also need to wire your servers properly. The video explains how to manage your cables and ensure your servers have the right hardware to ensure you can access them remotely. Your servers need to have remote access controllers. Sometimes these are included in server hardware by default.

Once you’re sure your server is accessible from the hardware side, follow the video to learn how to access it remotely.

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