What You Need to Know About Pipe Fitting



The murky world of pipe fitting requires extensive knowledge of the types of pipe and what uses they each best suit. For example, as the video explains, you should choose steel for transporting gas. The carbon steel pipe fitting proves stronger than the other piping, made from iron, aluminum, plastic/PVC, or copper. When working with steel pipes, you have a more ductile material better suited for forged fittings.

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While you might want to do-it-yourself (DIY) many projects, to save yourself time and money, take a course online first to learn about the different types of pipe and their uses. This prepares you for a multitude of DIY projects. You’ll also learn safety basics and how to install pipe tees and pipe reducers that let you segue from one size of pipe to another.

Learn the essentials of adapting pipe fittings and sealing pipes. You’ll learn when you can use PTFE tape to seal joints and at what temperatures you can use the tape. Using these videos and an online course, you can safely approach pipework.

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