The Benefits of Workplace Diversity and Diversity in General



Diversity is a complicated concept. It represents how an individual views the world through the lens of their experiences. People of different cultural, racial, and educational backgrounds, for example, will all have very different impressions after a lecture. No one absorbs information without filtering it through their understanding of the world around them.

This video, like most workplace diversity courses, teaches viewers to leverage their own unique experiences to benefit their lives. The speaker, Doug Melville, is a cultural diversity officer.

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He specializes in creating a culture of diversity in businesses to help them improve their revenue and productivity gains.

He says that in order to leverage your own diversity, you need to be aware of your background, have the courage to be yourself, check your bias, follow your DNA drive, eat out more (to experience new things), focus on women’s issues, pay attention to LGBTQ+ issues, be aware of hidden handicaps, and try to inspire others.

Although many of these nine steps are difficult to focus on at the same time, any steps you take to improve your understanding of the diversity in your life, the better your life, career, and relationships will be.

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