How To Learn By Doing



No two people are the same, more so when it comes to the way we understand and retain information. It may be difficult for most people to simply sit and take notes when being taught and they would rather be up and about, being practical with what they learn. For those who learn by doing, this is a video for you.

The video is also extended to those who might have a learning style that is different from active learning but is seeking tips on how to keep learning and growing.

Video Source

Practicing is the first step mentioned in this video. Practicing will lead to perfecting time management skills. Such skills are also birthed by putting together a timetable that you are sure to respect and follow at all times. The video shows the importance of surrounding yourself with individuals who will push you out of your comfort zone so that you are always challenged to work hard.

Taking the time to listen will allow you to learn much more than you would if you were to talk over people when they spoke and this is also mentioned in the video.

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