Massage Therapy Is A Thriving Industry Why More Massage Therapists Are Continuing Their Education

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It’s difficult getting through the workweek with a sore neck or stiff back.

Instead of focusing on your studies you’re rolling your shoulders and trying to pop that crook in your spine. Instead of sleeping you’re tossing, turning and flipping your pillow in a desperate bid to get some shut-eye. When you apply to become a massage therapist you take that knowledge with you to provide your client base the most relief possible. Massage therapy CEU courses are in more demand than ever thanks to today’s very stressed and very sore America. If you’ve considered continuing education for massage therapists, but aren’t sure exactly where to start, begin your journey with the list below.

Here are just five things you should know about massage therapy CEU courses and the climate they operate in today.

Massage Therapy Is A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

What should you know about massage therapy today? It’s a thriving industry that’s only getting bigger by the minute. Recent research has estimated massage therapy to be a $12 billion industry in the United States. This ranges from full-time licensed practices to those that work in massage part-time. A Consumer Survey provided in 2016 by AMTA found an average of 20% of adult Americans receiving at least one massage between 2015 and 2016. If you have any doubt about your ability to be well-received, you can put those fears to rest.

Licensed Therapists Are In Very High Demand

When people are stressed and tired, massage therapy is often their first course of action. While painkillers and a power nap can help, massage is a much deeper form of relaxation with much better results. Today’s massage therapists earn an average wage of $45 per hour for all forms of massage, which can range from pregnancy massage to physical therapy for accidents. There are an estimated 325,000 to 375,000 massage therapists, and massage school students, in the United States.

Massages Are Good For Your Physical And Mental Health

While this is common knowledge to any massage therapist, it’s worth reiterating. Massage is just good for you. A single session loosens up your muscles, stimulates blood flow and encourages the production of endorphins for a fully relaxing experience. A recent survey found nearly 90% of consumers agreeing massage can be very effective in reducing pain. Another 85% stated massage as being very beneficial to their overall health and wellness. Whether it’s a break from the stressful week or taking a bite out of chronic pain, massage has something for everybody.

Continuing Education Can Broaden Your Horizons

What can massage therapy CEU courses do? They can expand your career in a number of exciting ways. Courses for massage therapists run the gamut of health resources to unique techniques, which is especially helpful for those that are eager to cement a niche. One study found over 80% of massage therapists deciding to practice massage therapy as a second career, with the overwhelming majority at 95% taking continuing education classes. From traditional Chinese methods to highly specific niches, there’s a lot of potential for growth when you narrow your goals.

Massage Therapy CEU Courses Are A Great Place To Start

If you feel your career is stagnating, or simply want to be the best you can be, massage therapy CEU courses are a fantastic place to start. A Global Shapers survey found around 75% of respondents across the world reporting having taken an online course. Another 40% stated online education is just as strong as traditional learning in a classroom setting. Continuing your education is a prime way of supplementing any strong points or bolstering any weak areas you’ve been meaning to focus on. Even better? You can still make room for your other career fields while you’re at it.

There are millions of Americans out there just waiting for your unique approach. Sign up for massage therapy continuing education this year and broaden your horizons.

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