The Benefits Of Pursuing Higher Education Online

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Though education is surely important, not everyone is a perfect fit for a traditional one. For example, many people cannot afford the costs of a four year university. And some people simply do not have the time, balancing family life alongside busy careers. But online learning can provide a valid, viable alternative to traditional learning, as online learning can be done almost any place at almost any time. Online learning is often considerably less expensive as well, allowing those who cannot afford traditional schools to have the same access to education and knowledge.

There are lots of reasons that people prefer and pursue online learning. Around 70% of those who take at least one online course say that they do so because it allows them to balance all facets of their life, from family to work to socializing with friends. Over 60% of online learners also cited a love of freedom, being able to study whenever they want, whenever it fits their schedule. Online learning is a great way to advance your career, and over 40% of survey respondents said they were pursuing further education in order to do just that. As more than half of all jobs will soon require a post secondary education, online learning will become more essential than ever. These learners, who are taking online courses to advance their careers, are referred to as professional learners.

Personal learners are also common however. A personal learner is a learner who is taking an online course for personal benefit, outside of any professional gain or development. Over 70% of online learners are considered personal learners. Personal learners pursue learning for a wide variety of reasons. One common reason to pursue learning is to open up new perspectives about their lives. Another common reason is to connect with their community and make new friends. Personal learners often learn just to gain a new skill, or to turn a hobby or passion into a career.

No matter what your reason to pursue greater knowledge and education, online learning provides a viable alternative for those who aren’t able to pursue more traditional methods of getting an education. It’s cost effective and much easier to balance with a full schedule, existing career, and family life. Online learning can open doors, provide venues towards knowledge and the advancement of your career.

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