The Benefit of Private Miami Preschools

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Give a child the gift of learning and they will never cease to be wonderstruck. A quality education lays the foundation for life-long learning, this is the philosophy of private schooling. Today there are 30,861 private schools in the United States with enrollment rates reach 5.3 million students grades preschool to 12th grade. Nearly a quarter of all schools in the United States are private schools that enroll 10% of the American student population. There are nearly 400 private schools around Miami, Florida alone, giving an indication as to the popularity of such programs. Those looking to give their children a quality, private education ought to look into a private high school, middle school, elementary school, or preschool.

Individual Attention

Private schools are selected by parents due to the thought that their children’s individual needs will be met and nurtured. Around 86% if private schools have less than 300 students, which is less than half that of their public school counterparts. The kind of preschool Miami parents prefer tend to maintain these low ratios. When selecting a preschool Miami parents ought to consider the school’s rating to see if it meets The Department of Children and Families’ requirements as well as the parent’s own concerns.

Quality Education

The Fraser Institute issued a study in 2007 on private education. Around 91% of parent respondents chose private schools due to the personal dedication of the teachers to their student’s education. A different Fraser study found that 72% of parents felt that their school system was safe when compared to public schooling. A third study revealed that children who attend some kind of preschool do 21% better in kindergarten when it comes to reading and writing examinations. As a result, these three studies show that four out of every five students who received a quality early care and education programs outperformed their peers who did not attend such programs.

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