Three Degrees For Those Pursuing Adult Education

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Did you know that in 2014, 21 million students attended college? This shouldn’t come as a big surprise. In this day and age, it’s become almost impossible to get a higher-level job and advance in a serious career without a degree. Furthermore, many find that in their desired careers, they must achieve not only a four-year bachelor’s degree, but a masters degree. Why? Well, the job field is more competitive than ever, for one thing. For another, you’ll probably find after earning a bachelor’s degree that your job prospects aren’t quite what you thought they would be. The starting salary for a person with a bachelor’s degree is $45,000 — nothing to sneeze at, but perhaps not as much as many might think. At the same time, not all of us have the time to spend six plus uninterrupted years on our education, especially if we have families to think of. This is why so many adults are returning to school. Some are motivated to take care of those families they have at home financially; others simply are doing it to better their own prospects; others just love the academic life and have always wanted to return to school. Of course, there are other reasons to pursue education later on in life — some careers simply require a graduate degree, with no exceptions. Whether you want to be a master of business administration or are planning to go after a bachelor’s degree for the first time, you have options. Let’s look into some of the degrees available, and what they can offer you.

1. A Master Of Business Administration Degree

A master of business administration degree is extremely valuable. With 83% of college attendees reporting that their degree has “paid off”, it’s doubtless that many of us are thinking about money when we go to college. A master of business administration degree is undoubtedly money-focused, and perhaps one of the most practical degree on the market. The degree is meant to be applicable to many different types of jobs. A person with a master of business administration degree may find themselves working as managers in manufacturing plants; they can work as chief officers in high-powered corporate fields; and they can even apply their degrees to starting their own independent businesses! Furthermore, this type of graduate degree does not necessarily require a bachelor’s degree in business administration, depending on the university you attend. This kind of degree can be achieved by anyone with the right amount of focus and dedication.

2. A Psychology Degree

It’s estimated that about 6% of all college grads majored in psychology. Psychology appeals to many students on an emotional level. Those interested in psychology have a knack for the human condition. They’re usually understanding and sympathetic, while at the same time being practical. A psychology program requires a certain amount of hard work; and in fact, most psychology students find that a career in the field requires a lot more than a bachelor’s degree. There are many jobs available for psychology majors — these include psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists of many kinds. Many psychology majors find themselves becoming school counselors — but even this requires more than just a bachelor’s degree. Going back to school to pursue a masters degree in psychology isn’t easy; but it is possible!

3. An English Degree

Some of us are looking for practical majors, some of us want to pursue science — and some of us have an artistic heart, and wish to follow our natural gifts. English majors often have a talent for writing and analysis. Certainly, this kind of degree should not be discounted. But at the same time, many English majors find that to be competitive in their fields, they need to pursue a masters degree. Those with a masters degree in English may be writers — from novelists to journalists. Others find the degree useful in pursuing a career in teaching or publishing.

Going back to school is a challenge — but you’ll find it worth it in the long run!

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