Why Music Lessons are a Good Investment

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Piano classes

While your child’s sining program might only involve belting out a favorite tune in the shower, lessons on beginner singing tips can do much more than just improve the noise coming from the bathroom. The benefits of exposure to music are well documented. In fact, the United States Department of Education found that music improves academic performance, with those taking performance and music appreciation lessons, scoring significantly higher in the SATs than those who do not. Scores for verbal were 53 points higher among music performance students and 61 points higher for appreciation students, while maths scores were 39 points and 42 points higher respectively.

Whether you or your child need beginner singing tips or advanced voice training, taking lessons in music is a valuable experience that aids in development. Beginner music lessons provide a firm foundation for getting to grips with the basics of music in both practice and theory. Studying music through, for example, piano classes, has been linked to better reading skills and improved vocabularies, and have even been shown to help those with learning difficulties who lose focus as a result of noisy environments.

Guitar lessons for beginners, for example, can improve dexterity, co-ordination, and memory. Combined with dance lessons, this makes for a formidable package encompassing academic and physical development. Critical thinking skills are often also improved as a result of music lessons. In fact, 66% of accepted medical students were music majors, according to one study. Studying music seems to correlate with improved flexibility and adaptability as well as a striving for excellence in all areas of achievement. It also has a physical impact on the brain, with a study in Leipzig noting that musicians have a thicker set of nerve fibers connecting the two halves of the brain and also have a larger planum temporale, the part of the brain that is linked to reading skills.

Regardless of whether you opt to expose your child to beginner singing tips or years of piano or guitar lessons, the benefits of exposure to music — performance or appreciation — are clear. Music can play an important part in developing well rounded young people, committed to excellence and with a better grasp of concepts. It is also a fun and worthwhile pursuit that enriches the childhoods of those who pursue it.

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