Why Preschool is Worth the Investment

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When you think of providing your children with a quality education, what comes to mind? Private elementary schools? Public schools? Elementary school enrichment programs?

If you are are unsure about which one will work for your children, you may want to consider the advantages of private schools. These schools are often much smaller, the student to teacher ratio is also lower, and students receive a high level of individualized attention. This can be helpful in developing both their social and academic skills.

But even more critical than the right elementary school, is where you send your children to preschool. There are thousands of preschools in the country, ranging from day cares to private programs. Children are taught simple letter recognition, exposed to early social situations with peers, and also encouraged to learn how to share and cooperate.

One advantage of preschool education is that it places young children in a setting that encourages their natural exploration. Because many preschool teachers are certified in early childhood education, they know which activities will stimulate the brain, help develop fine motor skills, and also urge the children to pursue their own interests. For example, if a child likes to draw or color, he or she may be given time in the day to simply sit and do this to his or her heart’s content.

Another advantage of preschool education is that it readies children for a classroom setting. Many parents opt to keep their children at home until they are of kindergarten age. This could be a mistake, as children often adjust better to a school setting if they are exposed to a classroom full of children, and a more structured setting.

When you look at preschool advantages versus disadvantages, the perks far outweigh the downsides. Your child may come back with a few behavioral issues that he or she has picked up from a friend, or a stuffy nose, but other than these drawbacks, the growth you see will be worth the hassle. Continue reading here.

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