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Considering a career as a tattoo artist? Wondering is tattoo school for you? Consider the fact that tattoos have become much more common and accepted throughout the world, with more than 20% of adults in the US along having at least one. Those that love getting ink are far more pleased with pushing themselves to be different from the general population. In order for this to happen though, they have to find a tattoo artist that provides high quality work, affordable prices and has an ideal personality.

Those that wish to provide these high quality tattoos want to become tattoo artists. Finding a school for piercing and tattooing can be the first step to take.

The Process of Becoming a Tattoo Artist

While a degree is not necessarily required, certification and completion of an apprenticeship is. Through a school for piercing and tattooing, the individual is able to learn not only how to pierce safely, but sanitary requirements, more about the tools needed and can expand on their artistic abilities. These abilities are essential due to the fact that around 10 percent of those that have been tattooed in Canada stating that they do have some regrets regarding the tattoo decisions that they’ve made.

Going to tattoo school can make you a much more confident, sound artist for a client to work with. While working with a professional artist, the apprentice tattoo artist learns more about conducting themselves while on the job, speaking with the clients, handling transactions and preparing their own work station that showcases their talents to those interested in working with them.

It can take anywhere from one to five years to complete tattoo artist school and training, but most states require the artist to have at least three years of apprentice training before working on their own. Having your own tattoo apprentice kit is essential, providing you with a way to practice on fake skin, learn how to hold the tattoo gun and see how the ink takes to the skin. It is much different from drawing with a pen and paper. By learning through a class, through apprenticeship and taking the time to understand how it works, you’re essentially allowing yourself to provide higher quality tattoos that future clients will love.

Whether you’re considering a school for piercing and tattooing, or speaking with a professional regarding the next steps; it is essential that you learn everything before jumping in. This is a profession many love, but it is also one that comes with great responsibility. With an estimated 14% of the American population having a tattoo, you have to realize that some of them may not actually like the tattoo that was put on them, due to poor tattoo artist choices. This makes practice and training essential.

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