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Some of the best jobs in the United States come from education, especially if you can become an education administrator. The US college and university generates an estimated $442 billion of revenue in the US annually and besides putting college kids in immeasurable debt for their lifetime, they also offer great college jobs and administration jobs in education. Many people wonder what is an education administrator, but it simply someone with a higher education who plans and takes of care of the proceedings for any given school, college or university. Administration jobs vary but include deans, superintendents and can include other college university jobs.

Here are five facts about the college and university industry:

– The U.S. college and university industry grew by an estimated 9.4% annually from 2009 until 2014

– Currently there are an estimated 1,837 colleges and universities throughout the United States

– The U.S. college and university industry employs an estimated 2,925,703 people

– Since the beginning of 1980, colleges and universities have increasingly used adjuncts and full-time lecturers to teach core undergraduate curriculum

– Since 2011 contingent faculty made up 75.5 percent of the college teaching workforce throughout the US

Becoming an education administrator is not an easy road and can take many years of higher education and job experience before finding the right opportunity. Administrators have the opportunities to help build curriculum and make a difference throughout our school system and are typically regarded as experts in their fields.

People who want to become college administrators or other education administrators should first complete the necessary higher education needed (masters programs) and first begin their career as a teacher. After gaining experience as a teacher in any school district, college or university, you can then polish up your resume and start looking for administration opportunities.

These opportunities are hard to come by as many education administrators stay in their position for a lengthy amount of time. There is a low turnover rate as a result, which can make landing an ideal opportunity very difficult. Would be administrators should become board members and network the current people in high positions where they are working to help get a foot in the door and build a solid career foundation to advance off of. Continue.

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