Finding the Best Education for your Special Needs Child

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If school is failing your special needs child, it might be time to consider alternatives.

Training for teachers and staff in public schools is extremely limited, and without extensive advocacy on the part of the parent or child, it’s very possible that the child will end up with adults that aren’t equipped to understand their needs. Though there are advantages to integrating your child with neurotypical children, there’s also the danger that they may end up neglected in a poorly-equipped special education classroom.

Children with Asperger syndrome have difficulty with social cues and communication skills, and will often prefer repetitive routine over disorder. Some perceive sensations differently and others hone in on specific interests. Interacting regularly with non-autistic students can help them learn to deal with the symptoms that challenge them, and 20% of children diagnosed with the syndrome no longer meet the criteria as adults.

However, school funding difficulties can take their toll on special education resources. If school administration isn’t committed to awareness and education for staff and students, their ignorance can lead to bullying and neglect. If the school is no longer meeting the needs of the child, sometimes a school for Aspergers children is a better fit.

Schools that focus exclusively on special needs will often tailor their environments to be comforting to children with Aspergers, allowing them to focus and learn. Teachers are trained to handle the challenges that come with Aspergers and school days are structured with great care.

Some also serve as schools for ADHD and schools for dyslexia, providing specialized environments and teaching strategies for children who might not be served as well elsewhere. Schools for ADHD and related disorders often focus on individual lesson plans rather than expecting all students to learn the same way.

Sending your child to an Aspergers school is a big step and should be considered with the utmost care. Research as many institutions as you can and make sure your choice will benefit your child. Visit each school with your child if possible and ask them about their preferences.
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