How to Utilize Your Love of Technology What a Degree in Motion Graphics Can Do For You

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Degrees in motion

Technology has revolutionized the very way we experience the world through sight. Advances in cameras are allowing us to see higher resolutions at slower speeds; scientists use high-speed cameras on a daily basis to note in high detail the physical properties that govern our world. There are a number of careers out there for those with a creative mind and the mastery of tools that enables for cutting edge digital designs, camera mastery, and contemporary animation. As a dynamic field, keeping up with the latest tools and tech is essential for these degrees in motion.

Digital Design as a Career

Photo editing and film editing software is largely available to the public market. As an art that is easy to pick up but difficult to master, many companies bid on potential digital designers to help develop a new corporate image or better communicate the company’s needs on a digital media format. As a crucial element of the digital advertising industry, digital designers are constantly in high demand should the artist’s skills meet the needs of a business.

Film Study

People around the world love motion pictures; America is largely known as the globe’s top producer of high-grossing films, meaning the Hollywood Era is still very much alive and well. The film industry is valued at $38.3 billion annually, meaning those who professionally pursue a degree in film study are able to take part in a thriving industry. Producers and directors rely on on-set film analysts to help determine the proper lighting, camera angles, and editing to produce a cohesive film that is sure to win audiences over. Experts suggest that the film industry is only expected to grow, especially with the recent advances in computer-generated imagery and motion graphics.

What a Motion Graphics Career Entails

The resurgence of animated films, especially those developed using computer designs from experts with degrees in motion graphics. As technology continues to push forward, many artists are able to achieve a level of detail so intense that some may wonder if it is a real video rather than motion graphics. Different degrees in motion can allow the artist to pursue a creative career of their choice, whether it be in advertising, video production, or digital engineering. Yet psychologists fear that that realism may eventually reach a pinnacle known as the “uncanny valley” where objects, including animated films, may achieve an unsettling resemblance to a person while being not quite right in some way. Although the “uncanny valley” idea is most prevalent in robotics, graphic designers must too maintain a proper balance when designing animated films and images. Other related careers include a broadcast engineer, location manager, television camera operator, and a television production coordinator. No matter which direction you choose to go, consider your degree in motion graphics or film studies to be a key to your future.

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