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In a changing day and age, it is getting more challenging to find a safe and reliable form of childcare for children under the age of five years old. Even babysitters with extensive background checks and references may not be certified to care for your child if your child has special needs, or follow given instruction for their care. While some sites are making childcare more accessible with just the click of a button, this is not necessarily the route many want to follow when it comes to protecting their son or daughter. This is why many parents are turning to progressive schools, an alternative option when it comes to early childcare. Preprimary schools first began in the late 18th century as method to care for children whose parents worked outside of the house and similar concepts remain popular today. Not every parent qualifies for programs like Headstart, so preprimary programs that host educational classes or groups for toddlers offer working parents some much-needed respite from their daily childcare concerns. These programs can include anything from kindergarten to preschool programs and approximately 42% of three year olds, 66% of four year olds, and 86% of five year old participated in preprimary programs in 2016.

It is clear that parents are becoming more dependent on these progressive schools than they are with private nursery schools. Perhaps this is due to admission requirements that nursery schools often request. When getting into nursery school is a challenge, parents are forced to turn elsewhere for childcare. Private preschools are often challenging to enroll a child in as well because of a number of forms and deadlines that can be a hurdle for a deperate parent with a busy schedule. While it is important to spend a great deal of time researching whichever facility you do choose to place your child within, pregressive schools have the ability to offer parents some flexibility and peace of mind when it comes to immediate placement of a child. Progressive schools are often non-sectarian and hire responsible, experienced teachers who will be able to provide the type of individualized care your child needs.

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