The Top Three Things You Never Knew About College Apps

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While there are college applications online and off, many folks don’t have a lot of experience with them in either medium. Here are three things you might not know about college apps that might come in handy:

1. College Apps are On the Rise

Again, whether they are college applications online or off, there are just more of them in general. The number of students enrolled in college is on the rise and is expected to continue to rise through 2020. This means more work for admissions offices everywhere since college online application forms come with every would be student.

2. Most Apps are Online

College application advisers may be able to automate the process a bit though because so much of college application services are done online today. Even in 2009, as much as 80% was done online. Despite any sort of paper-using initiatives, the college app world is becoming decidedly eco friendly and green as years go by to the joy of environmentalists everywhere. Maybe machines will be doing all college applications in 2020!

3. Some Counselors Have Their Work Cut Out For Them

No matter how many kids apply in general, though, some counselors will have more work than others. City schools like Los Angeles always tend to have more college applicants than smaller schools due to the higher population. This will be true throughout time, so take that into account when looking for a job placement! What do you think about the college app process?

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