Three Ways to Successfully Study For the ACT

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Some studying habits are a lot better than others, especially when you’re trying to study for ACTs, which is one of the more tricky college admissions exams. Here are a few of the better habits you need to get into when trying to study for ACTs.

Visual Learners.

Visual learners learn by learning, as their name implies, which is why they study for ACTs best with visual aids. If you learn visually, try explaining the material by making charts, graphs, Powerpoints, flashcards, and highlighting. Be careful with that last tip, though, because if you highlight too much when you study for ACTs, you won’t know what to focus on.

Auditory Learners.

Auditory learners need to hear material spoken out loud to learn it well. If this sounds like the way you like to study for ACTs, then considering getting test prep tutoring, reading your notes or books out loud, explain things out loud, or using mnemonic devices to help you remember things.

Kinesthetic Learners.

Kinesthetic learners learn through trial-and-error, preferring to have a hands on approach to their education. They engage materials with all of their senses, and enjoy solving real world problems. If this sounds like you, then you should study by using flash cards, with a study partner who you can discuss the material with, and with a lot of examples.

Of course, these are all ways everyone can learn. You don’t just fit neatly into one box. Though you learn best with visual aids, you can also learn like an auditory learner, or like a kinesthetic learner. If one way doesn’t seem to be helping you like you thought, try another!

Also, these aren’t the only ways you can do college test prep review and study for ACTs, of course. If you have any other studying tips for exams like the ACTs, or know of any other helpful ways to remember what your ACT prep books say, feel free to share in the comments.

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