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According to statistics released ministry of education in U.S, three out of four young children are enrolled in a preschool program before they join kindergartens. Experts say that children who attend high-quality preschool programs have a chance of performing better in their later years. These children tend to learn a lot from what they are exposed to. Unlike in daycare center where children are only been look after while their parents are at work, preschools enables a child to gather some basic knowledge that would they’d otherwise not have gained.

How do you find a good preschool?
According to the standard regulations on preschools, you can now enroll your two and a half years old kid to any preschool. But the challenge of finding the right preschool is what makes many parents fret.
1.Ask around
One of the best ways of finding a good preschool for your child is by asking friends, family or acquaintances. Interview them to find out more on what you really want. Typically, most preschool programs are offered in churches, private and public schools, and at daycare institutes. You should also consider you schedule and make sure they align with the preschool you prefer. The location is also an important element if you can find a preschool near your home or at work the best.

2.License and registrations
Make sure the preschool you are aiming at has been accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. This should guarantee the safest and up to the mark school standards for you child.

3.Arrange visits
Plan to visit different preschool and tag your child along. Through this, you can evaluate how well your child interacts with different teachers, settings, and activities.

Now that you’ve found a preschool for your child, do you really know what they’ll be learning, or what you expect to see from your child?
1.Growth opportunity
The most and best things your child will get from a preschool is social growth. Through various academic preschool activities, you child will learn to co-operate with other kids, follow instructions and working with others.

2.Elementary school preparation
Generally, children undergo separation difficulties when they are separated from their moms and families, but its worse of your child will face this problem just when he/she is about to join kindergarten. So, it’s advisable for a parent to enroll their children in a preschool where they’ll undergo different academic preschool programs on their path to the advanced level of education. Some of the programs in preschools are tailored to help your child with solving simple math problems and the overall pre-literacy skills.

3.Develop motor skills
Activities such as running, climbing, stretching among others will help you, child, physical growth and develop physical balance. Preschools also offer various interactive activities such as bead threading, shape arrangements, marking, and coloring, that are geared towards you child’s brain coordination and development.

4. Responsibility
In preschools, children get to learn how to take care of themselves at a very tender age. Teachers will often engage a child to help out in doing or completing a certain task like arranging chairs, cleaning up of chairs, picking up papers on the floor, setting up of a table during snack time and so on. These activities may appear futile but in the long run, they help develop a sense of competence and self-worth in a child.

Those are just some of benefits of choosing a preschool for your child. However, there are other benefits that you are bound to see immediately or over time. Some of them include language and cognitive skills, improved curiosity, creativity and emotional development. Now, with all that mentioned, it’s evident that preschool set your child for a grade school readiness. Let your child grow to a holistic individual.

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