College Students Aren’t Scary and Other Things to Remember

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For many newcomers to college teaching jobs, the first class is the scariest. It is in that class that all the information the teacher gained during their education is put into practice. There are a few things new professors can keep in mind to succeed in their current college jobs.

Before preparing anything about a class, new professors are advised to seek out their colleagues. Ask them what they like and dislike about teaching jobs in higher education, and what they wish they had been told on their first day. If they have worked in other facilities, ask how college teaching jobs differ from other teaching opportunities. Experienced professors can be a wealth of information for new teachers, helping them prepare for their careers.

The next thing a new professor must do to prepare for higher education jobs is to focus on the education aspect of the experience. At least six months before the start of a class, the professor should be setting learning goals for the students and developing a syllabus. If possible, they should visit the assigned classroom and familiarize themselves with the layout and any available multimedia tools that may be needed during the course.

When the semester begins, the new professor should arrive to class early, fully prepared to introduce the course. Arriving before class is scheduled to begin allows a professor to interact with the students in an informal manner, which can encourage them to participate once class begins. Starting and finishing class on time are imperative for all professors, as students may not have a lot of time to walk from one class to the next. Respecting their time will encourage them to respect yours. Allow students plenty of opportunity to ask questions and discuss topics among themselves.

While this is by no means a comprehensive list of what makes a good professor, it is a good place for new teachers to start. Building off this solid foundation will allow a teacher to cultivate a good relationship with students and encourage their educational development. See more.

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