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Things to look for in a preschool

Preschool may not seem like a huge deal to some people, but it can be more important than you may think. Grade school readiness is one positive things from preschool, but later down the line farther in their life, enrolling them in a quality preschool now could make a difference. Research shows, when studying at-risk children, that 25% were more likely to drop out of high school without quality preschool early in life. Another 60% were found to not be likely to go to college, and an alarming 70% were more likely to commit a violent crime and be arrested if they as well didn’t get a quality preschool education. It’s hard to believe that such a decision now could impact them for the rest of their lives. Aside from just grade school readiness, read below to see how to decipher the differences between daycare and preschool and choose the right one for your little one.

What are the Hours of Operation

Hours of preschool may differ from the hours of traditional daycare. Daycare settings are usually geared towards watching children while the parents are at work.Therefore that usually means longer hours including early morning hours and late evening hours. Preschool hours may differ from this and be geared more around normal school hours. This provides instruction time without lots of time that the kids have doing nothing.

What is the Curriculum

The curriculum should be a major factor in choosing any kind of school for your child. Curriculum will vary greatly based on the center, since there are no set guidelines on what children are expected to learn at a certain age like schools are regulated. This means you must do your homework in order to make sure that the curriculum is suited for your child. Visit the center at various times. See what art work looks like as usually the work is hung out on the walls. Also check to see how interaction goes. Is there independent work along with group work? Are the children getting along well and interacting appropriately? Is staff encouraging and engaging the children in the class? These are some things that you want to check, because only you know your child. You know which way your child learns best, so you can ensure they are getting the most out of going there.

What About Potty Training

Another important thing to consider is where your child must be in order to attend. Day care facilities take all ages of children, even those that are still in diapers. Preschool facilities on the other hand usually require that children are already potty trained before entering. This helps the facility focus solely on academic preschool activities rather than coupling them with potty training.

What are their Operating Days

Another important point to remember is the difference between daycare days and preschool days. Vast majority of day care centers are open year round for parents to drop kids off. Preschool centers on the other hand may not be open all year round. There may certain days and weeks that the preschool is not open. During this time things like a summer camp may be provided for an extra fee. This can help accommodate working parents who need care full time year round.

While this may not be an exhaustive list of things to look for in a preschool, it can help you determine the major differences between the two facilities. When it comes to grade school readiness for your child you want to make sure to research every option to make the right one. Some daycare centers offer preschool as well, while others are merely daycare and nothing more. Preschool centers gear curriculum more towards school curriculum, so that you child can demonstrate grade school readiness when the time comes for him or her to start grade school.

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