The Benefits of Sending Your Children to Preschool

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Requirements for preschool

Many people are on the lookout for daycare programs where their children can socialize and learn tools that they will take with them as they enter school. However, there are many more benefits to choosing preschool over your normal daycare program, which we will look at today. Childhood experts are finding that attending a high quality preschool program that offers a high quality education helps children prepare for kindergarten and beyond as they get a useful start to their lives before many other children.

Daycare only serves as a place to ensure that your child is being cared for on a day-to-day basis, such as making sure that they have help with bathroom needs, crafts to do, other children to play with, eating and drink, while you are at work. However, preschool is actually an early childhood educational class that gives 3-4 year olds a variety of benefits, with well-trained teachers who will help them learn basic schools before they move up to Kindergarten.

Benefits of Academic Preschool

Academic preschool programs are changing the way we look at school before your child actually enters into a school program. Many people are choosing preschool for their children. Research has shown that 64.1% of children who have two married parents will become enrolled in preschool, while around 50% of children with two unmarried parents will also attend. With about 45.6% of children below federal poverty level enrolled in preschool, we know that children from many different statuses and walks of life are attending school that will give them the skills to move forward into regular school in the future.

25% of at risk children in high school are most likely to drop out if they were not involved in a preschool program. 70% of at risk children are more likely to commit some type of violent crime if their parents never enrolled them in preschool. The statistics don’t lie: Children are benefiting from and getting useful tools from preschool programs. We don’t want to deny these opportunities of our youth.

Do you want to prepare your child for grade school readiness with a high quality education? Preschool could be the best option that will set them for years to come.

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