How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Move Off Campus

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Even though living in campus student housing is an important part of the college experience, its allure can start to wane after a few semesters. Many students see their friends and peers begin to move to off campus apartments, leaving the dorms far behind them. For some young people however, convincing their parents that moving into off campus student housing is the right choice can be an uphill battle. For those students anticipating some opposition from their parents about moving into college student apartments, these 5 tips can help strengthen their argument and set them up for success.
1) Save Money Ditching campus student housing for an apartment can actually save someone quite a bit-if they do it correctly. Before a student talks to their parents, they should do their research into the cost of rent, utilities, and groceries in their college town. In many cases, all of these added together will be either on par, or less than campus student housing costs. If a student’s parents are helping to support them through their education, this can be a great selling point.
2) Become More Independent One of the biggest allures of an off campus apartment is the chance to be more independent. A major motivating factor for many students who move off campus is the desire for more privacy than is available in a residence hall. Plus, doing the research necessary to select a good apartment, such as making sure that all appliances work in a furnished apartment or checking for mold to avoid any health complications, can instill both very real skills, and an important sense of responsibility.
3) Stay Safe Students who must work to convince their parents that their apartment will be safe should do some research into where the protection of campus security ends, the security features available in a potential apartment, and a plan to help make sure that they and their roommates are as safe as possible. Doing this research into safety before the conversation can help set up students for success when talking to their parents.
4) Guest Room! This one is simple-students needing to convince their parents of the great things about off campus living should definitely highlight the possibility of having a guest room-a great place for a parent to stay during a visit!
5) Stay Well Anyone who has lived in campus student housing knows that is basically one huge germ pool. With so many people living in such close quarters, colds and other infections can spread very quickly. Having more privacy and space may make a huge difference in your health. For students with parents who worry each time they come down with a sniffle while away at school, this may be the perfect point to make.
Moving into one’s first off campus apartment is a very exciting time for many college students. It allows for independence, the chance to live with friends, and an opportunity to “try on” adulthood without the full responsibilities that entails. By using the tips above, even students with the most hesitant parents can make a strong argument for why off campus living is the right choice.

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