How to Evaluate VPK School Grades and Find the Best Prekindergarten Programs

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Vpk school grades

In the state of Florida, four-year-olds are eligible for enrollment in the Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) program. This state-run initiative helps to prepare children for kindergarten, giving them a solid foundation for their years to come in elementary school. Yet parents may not want want to settle for any program. One of the best ways they can look into the highest quality preschools is to do their research first and examine VPK school grades to find the best ones around.

If you’re looking into VPK school grades and ratings now to find the best ones, then you should also know the types of things to look for in a VPK program. Here are three criteria that you can use to help you find the best preschool program for your child:

  • Art and Music Lessons: One of the ways that children can learn and have fun while doing so is to have a creative outlet in the classroom. A good VPK program should offer creative learning opportunities in art and music instruction. Even schools that give kids the chance to finger paint or listen to music can better prepare them for a comprehensive elementary education. Arts education is even important further down the road in a child’s schooling: kids who study art are four times more likely to receive recognition for academic achievement and three times as likely to get an award for a good attendance record at school.
  • Bilingual Instruction: Young children pick up on language skills much quicker than adults do because their brains are still developing. In Florida, many programs teach in both English and Spanish to allow children who speak either language at home to be able to communicate with one another. Make sure to choose a school that offers foreign language instruction, so children have the chance to connect with other cultures and have this educational advantage for their later schooling.
  • Private Education: Finally, one mark of a great VPK program is to find one in a private setting. Private school education can benefit children because there may be extra emphasis on visual arts and music rather than a state curriculum. Best of all, these programs are affordable or free for parents thanks to the state’s program.

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