Inside The Concrete Company How Its Made



Do you know how a cement company manufactures its final product? In this video, you will see the entire cement-making process, from harvesting the raw material to packaging the final product.

The first step used by a cement company is the harvesting of limestone and shale, the main raw materials. The huge rocks are then poured into an impact crusher to press them into smaller pieces.

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The material is then sent to the plant through a network of conveyor belts.

In the production plant, the above substance is loaded into a rotary kiln whose temperature is about 3,000 degrees. With such high temperatures, the kiln housing in a building stands the danger of melting. To prevent this, it’s lined with factory bricks woven with an interlocking mechanism to insulate the shell from the heat. Inside the kiln, the raw materials undergo a chemical reaction and start transforming into cement. The resultant compound is known as a clicker.

Lastly, from the kiln, the clinker moves to the cooler where it reduces its temperature. It is then transferred into a massive rolling tube where it’s crushed into fine powder. Here, it is also mixed with gypsum, resulting in Portland cement as we know it. Samples of this final product are taken to the lab for quality testing by the cement company. With that, you have high-quality cement ready to be used in construction. Remember this process the next time you open a bag of cement. If you need help with details regarding cement, reach out to us now.


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