Benefits of Managed Hosting



So, what are fully managed hosting services? You’ve probably come across the phrase “managed hosting” many times, or have seen it offered on hosting providers’ websites while doing your research. In this article, we’ll go into some detail to find out the real benefits of managed hosting services and whether it can help small businesses.

In the simplest terms, Managed Hosting means the hosting provider takes care of all your server related issues.

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You not only rent the hardware from the host, but you also pay them for managing it. It’s similar to getting a full warranty with free oil changes and maintenance when buying a new car.

Instead of owning your infrastructure, you lease server and networking or public cloud resources from a hosting provider.

This means the hosting company takes over:

– Hardware and software setup and configuration
– administration management and support

Managed hosting services are recommended for your e-commerce shop
While unmanaged hosting was a popular solution in the past, day to day, managed hosting services are providing individual solutions easily and comfortably.

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