Is Your Summer Mission Going Well?

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You have set a challenging task for your family this summer: you are working to reduce the amount of processed foods and sugars that are in your diet. In fact, today your two older boys looked through your cookbook and selected some brand new recipes to try. You also talked about how many servings of each food group they should be eating every day, and after your conversation they each picked a goal for the week!

They are both determine to each track their eating for four days. You oldest son, who is nine, is going to focus on eating the proper amount of healthy fats and fruits. His water goal is 36 ounces each day. Your second son, who is seven, is going to focus on eating the appropriate amount of vegetables every day. His water goal is 24 ounces a day. Your third son is still only four, but he loves to copy his older brothers so he will likely be having some pretty happy meals as well.
When you made the decision to stay home this summer and spend time with the boys you promised yourself that you would pack your days full of fun, but you have been inspired by the daycare activities involving nutrition that your older boys, and now your younger son, have participated in. As much as for you and your husband as for them, you decided that this summer of fun would also include some healthy daycare activities from the past.

Trusted Childcare Professionals Offer Many Lessons to Entire Families

When you involve your children in meal planning and goal setting, you give them power and independence! And while you may be very proud of the goals they set and the knowledge they are gaining with a challenge to reduce processed foods and sugars, there are also lessons that these children learn in school that can benefit the entire family.

Nutrition, obviously, is not the only lesson that preschool school children learn while they are in school. As more and more studies show, however, the importance of outdoor exploration, however, it is important for parents to know that the local daycare programs and preschools that they select are reaching the whole child.

A good preschool program is a healthy mix of academic pursuits and allowing children to play with their peers and explore their environment. Choosing child care is an important decision that many families have to make. Unable to have one parent staying at home, most working couples find themselves looking at opportunities with daycare activities that match the kind of life they want to model at home.
The latest research from the Center For American Progress indicates that fewer than 33% of children today have a full-time, stay-at-home parent. That makes childcare options a necessity for many families. From the food that is served to the activities that are scheduled, finding a daycare or preschool setting that is the right fit is important.

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