Preschool More Than A Head Start

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The benefits of summer camps for young children extend past just an opportunity for them to have fun and make a few new friends. Childhood development is a crucial key component summer camps for young children and are led by trusted child care professionals.

What can a preschool program like a summer camp do for your child or children? Your child’s brain experiences rapid growth during their very early years, from birth to three. That period of development is the quickest their little minds will experience such a growth ever in their entire lifetime.

The level of development your child experiences under the age of five should be considered and capitalized on more frequently. In fact, barely one in four children, about 23.4 percent, are actually enrolled in a form of child care program like daycare centers, nurseries or preschools. That percentage is, unfortunately, abysmal when you consider this: 80 percent of children that are enrolled in any aforementioned child care programs, are actually surpassing their peers who were not. It is the equivalent of a head start.

Child care programs are specifically designed to teach your children a range of lessons. Numbers? Yes. Letters? Yes to that, too. How about something more abstract, like sharing? That, too. It is highly encourage to share. It fosters cooperation and an opportunity to make friends as well as an outlet to stretch out their social skills.

Summer camps for young children as well as other child care programs also offer early child development that may not be apparent immediately, specifically incarceration, college and high school. At-risk children, an admittedly broad term, are typically children that have a higher probability of missing milestones. These children are subject to an at-risk status usually from their situations, not necessarily their aptitude. One way or another, they missed out on key moments in their lives. At-risk children, especially, could benefit the most by having access to child care programs.

The harsh truth is that 70 percent of at-risk children are more likely to lead a life of crime, or at least incarcerated for one. At-risk children are 60 percent more likely to forego the prospect of college, while 25 percent do not even bother finishing high school. If only they had access to preschool programs like a summer camp or a daycare center then perhaps they could have had the help they needed.

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