Off to College? Here are 4 Housing Tips on Apt Rentals and More

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Are you preparing to head off to college within the next year or so? Many college students planning on how to finance their educational futures often overlook the costs of their living quarters, until last minute. Many students just assume they’ll live on campus, but most never look any further than that. The truth is, many student housing situations become full quickly, so not having a backup plan (such as apt rentals) can but you in a difficult situation. Before you pack your bags and jump on the first student housing option that comes your way, take a look at this checklist for college housing and apt rentals:

Shop Around
Sure, that dorm room with air conditioning sounds great, but could you find something better suited to you that will cost less? Generally on campus housing is as inexpensive as possible, but there are always off campus apartments rented by students looking for roommates. If you enjoy cooking your own meals or like the idea of having a built in group of friends to live with, you might want to ensure you cover all of your housing options before deciding on the first one to present itself.

Find Out More Information on Your Roommate
Maybe your school had you fill out a roommate questionnaire or maybe that girl you ran into looking at the same apartment seems really nice. But, the truth is, you don’t know your new roommate, so reaching out can help make things easier come move in day. Send a friendly email as an ice breaker and get to know more about them. Maybe even ask about habits they don’t like as a way to make yourself a better roommate.

Visit Your New Home in Person
While dorm room apartment regulations may not allow you to see your specific apartment prior to moving in, make sure you ask to visit current dorm rooms to get an idea about the building you’ll be living in. Don’t trust website tours alone. The same goes for college student apartments. Ensure you actually go to visit a place before signing a lease and request to look at your specific units before making a decision.

Always Walk Around and Be Critical
No, your first apartment is not going to be the loft of your dreams, but your apt rental should be livable and up to code. If you are looking at an actual apartment, don’t just take what you see for granted. Try out the appliances. Look inside the fridge and microwave to ensure they are clean. Ask to test the thermostat, water pressure, or other things. Figuring out if these essentials work will make your life easier after moving in. Don’t ever sign a lease without doing these things.

Most importantly, never feel pressured to live in an apt rental or housing situation where you do not feel completely comfortable. Take a friend or parent with you to look at apt rentals and never be afraid to ask questions. Good luck!

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