How Significantly College Grads Stick Out in the Job Field

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Now, more than ever, Americans are looking to secondary education as the way to help them stand out in the job field. By 2014, nearly 21 million students went to college in an attempt to better their lives with an undergraduate or graduate degree. Nearly 83% of those who went to college and earned a degree have said that their degree “has paid off” in the long run. The classes, friends, and experiences you have within your four–year degree program will be those that help to shape you for life. Here are some of the statistics that support why a bachelors degree program can make you more competitive in the workplace.

More Work, More Money
It is simple, those who have a four–year degree are more prepared in the professional world. A 2012 Pew Research report shows that workers with at least a bachelor’s degree had an average median of $45,500 compared to the $30,000 that those with some college made and the $28,000 that those with only a high-school diploma achieved. Another statistic from 2013 has revealed that holders of four–year degrees make an average of 98% more per hour than those without degrees, averaging about $32.60 an hour. There is little doubt that a college experience can open up options in anyone’s life.

Preparing Ahead
Looking to your plan outside of school is almost as important as the major you choose. Many college graduates decide to continue their education through a master’s program. Those who have degrees in marketing, business, or related subject matter might be drawn to a master of business administration degree. With a master of business administration degree, students will go forward into the business world with poise and confidence; perhaps some of them will even be the business leaders of the future. No matter what passion drives you, there is a way to turn it into a career using a college degree.

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