Why Interdisciplinary Studies Could Be the Key to Moving Forward

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Interdisciplinary studies

If you are someone who did not go straight to college after high school the way may now do and are now considering giving your education the old college try, now is a great time to do it.

Many different colleges and universities are very welcoming of adults who are looking to improve their qualifications and thus, their salaries. A Pew Research report done in 2012 showed that the median income for someone with a bachelor’s degree was $45,000. This was well above the median income for someone with some college, which stood at $30,000. For people with only a high school diploma, the median income was only $28,000.

This is why 83% of people who were polled answered that they really felt their degree had paid off. After all, if you are an American and have a four-year degree under your belt, in 2013 you made 98% more per hour than someone without a college degree. If there were no other reason for getting a college degree, it would still be enough to know that you would be entering the company of people who are making and average hourly wage of $32.60.

If you come to a university for adult education and want a general degree that covers a multitude of subjects and is a well-rounded degree also, you might want to consider a degree in interdisciplinary studies. Most of these degrees are oriented to your career goals, often allowing you to choose the classes you’ll take for the degree and when you will take them. Interdisciplinary studies can be a very flexible degree program.

People with interdisciplinary studies degrees have been accepted to graduate degree programs in many different disciplines. Programs in divinity, environmental studies, humanities, law, health professions and more have been the next step for thousands of adults who have returned to school to pick up that first college degree.

Getting into the occupations where science knowledge is an asset is a great way to use your interdisciplinary studies degree. Pharmaceutical sales are one example of taking a generalized degree program and using it to improve your job placement ability. It is the flexibility of the degree that makes it so impressive.

In most adult education programs, students already bring with them a wealth of knowledge even if they don’t have an actual degree. That is why most bachelor’s degree programs for adult education can be molded to fit the career track you are already on. When you bring certain knowledge with you, you can learn what you don’t know and put yourself on a track to knowing it.

It is never too late to learn. And while you may be learning on the job every step of the way, your pay might not be reflecting all that you actually know. Get that degree and improve your life today.


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