The Basics of Micro Schools



This video discusses the concept of micro schools. It explains what a micro school is and why someone would want to start one. One thing that makes micro school facilities different from other school systems and buildings is fewer students. A micro school usually has less than 50 students, and a new one may only have 10 to 20 students.

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They also have a mixed assortment of students of varying ages. Another thing about micro school facilities is that they are usually private entities. They are LLC companies or 501(c)(3) establishments.

An educator might want to start a micro school so that he or she will have more freedom. Many teachers feel as though they must follow scripts and strict guidelines for teaching. They have much more freedom in a micro school to teach their courses the way they see fit. Educators are more likely to have fun if they start a micro school instead of going home and feeling demoralized and drained. The setting will be much more positive, and the group of children will be smaller and less likely to be rebellious and troublesome. Finally, starting a micro school can be financially empowering for an educator. There are many more good reasons than the ones mentioned above for someone to start a micro school.


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