What’s the Best Age to Teach Children New Languages?

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Spanish storybook set

Researchers have found that very young children, up to the ages of five to six years, have an enhanced ability to learn new languages. They’re also capable of learning two or even more languages at that early age. This ability begins to diminish as they grow older. Preschool Spanish curriculum lessons take advantage of this ability to introduce children to a second language, one which is widely spoken around the world.

Language learning in young children
Young children have a remarkable ability to learn new languages. A Spanish curriculum takes advantage of this ability, which is at its peak by the age of five or six years, and begins to decline after that. Early education researchers believe that the earlier you introduce children to foreign language, the better.
Preschool Spanish curriculum lessons teach language the natural way, through imitation, repetition, songs and games. At this age, children have the capacity to pronounce unfamiliar sounds and to learn new rules of grammar.

Benefits of learning a second language
The Summer Institute of Linguistics reports that over two-thirds of children around the world speak a second language. In the U.S., however, less than one out of five or 17% of the population speaks a second language besides English.
There are many advantages to having the ability to speak a second language. It makes it easier to learn a third language. Bilingual workers earn up to 20% higher wages per hour than those who speak only one language.

Why Spanish?
Spanish storybooks, music and games are an important part of preschool Spanish curriculum lessons, which introduce children to the language in a fun and easy format. Elementary Spanish lessons can give your children the advantage in learning the second-most spoken language in the world.
Spanish is spoken in 21 countries around the world, and learning the language is an asset for anyone who travels for work or leisure. There are 387 million native speakers of Spanish around the world. Preschool Spanish equips your children to communicate in one of the most important world languages.

Spanish teachers, preschool and elementary administrators and curriculum department heads, school district curriculum department heads, and home school parents: all of these will find preschool Spanish curriculum lessons a big help in getting the kids in their care off to a good start. Using stories, games and music, the preschool Spanish lessons help children use their natural ability to learn a new language easily.

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