Three Benefits of Private School Education

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Deciding whether to enroll your child in a public or private school is a big decision. Some parents will opt to send their children to a free public education system because it doesn’t cost anything. However, the cost of private schools is a small price to pay when you consider the benefits of private school education. The peace of mind of a private environment isn’t just great for the student, it is a welcome relief for parents too. Parents of 82% of children who were attending private schools stated they were ?very satisfied? with the school their child attended. Here are three important benefits to consider when thinking about having your child attend a private school.

  1. Lower Student to Teacher Ratio ? One issue that parents are concerned with is how full their child’s classroom will be. Students in public schools often face capacity issues. Overcrowding of public schools is one main reason that parents are making the switch to a private school system. On average, there are 15.4 students for each teacher in a public school, compared to 12.5 students at a private school. Placing your child in an environment where there is less overcrowding means that your child receives more attention. Public schools are, on average, about twice the size of private schools. In many larger school systems, it is quite easy for children to feel lost in the shuffle. Sending your child to a private school can greatly improve the attention that they receive. Some private schools are able to offer one on one meetings with students, furthering their individual educational development.
  2. Safer Environment ? A common concern that parents have about public schools is the safety of their child. It is perfectly normal to worry that your child may face danger in a public school. Private schools are usually more strict with disciplining bad behavior. However, the usual stricter discipline standards for a private school mean that they often have less repeat problems, like those commonly seen in public schools. It is common for parents to make the switch to a private school after years of dealing with their child being bullied or tormented. In a recent survey conducted by the Fraser Institute, about 72% of parents with children in a private school strongly agreed that they felt their school was safe. The peace of mind you can feel knowing your child is safe in an private school environment is tough to put a price on.
  3. Extensive College Preparation ? Properly preparing your child for a college education has a huge impact on their future. Curriculum in private schools includes teaching proper college preparation in the classroom. In many public schools students don’t feel prepared or encouraged to choose college as their next step in life. Unfortunately, the rate of college applicants at a public school is usually lower than students who have attended a private school. According to data collected by NCES, 88% of students attending a private high school apply to college while only 57% of public high school students apply. A private school values higher education and will take measures to instill those same values in your child.

In closing, the three previously mentioned benefits of private school education are quite eye-opening. Having an optimal student to teacher ratio will help make sure that your child is receiving the attention they deserve. When a teacher has a smaller classroom, they are more easily able to pay attention to each student. As much as public school teachers want to make sure every child has the education they need, overcrowding makes it nearly impossible for that to happen. Sending your child to a school system where discipline is important is one of the major benefits of private school education. Many parents have sent their children who were previously tormented to a private school to live a better life. Finally, the emphasis placed on the importance of obtaining a college education is heavily valued in a private school system. Benefits of private school education are important to consider, not only for the child but for the satisfaction of the parents, as well.

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