You Learn Something New Every Day, Why Not Use That Learning Time to Earn a College Degree?

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Towards the end of every summer, it seems that all you hear and see are kids getting ready to go to college. It might seem like college is a young person’s game, but in truth, there’s always time to continue your education. Pursuing a college degree is no longer impossible for working adults, and it could help you in more ways than you know!

What are the benefits of having a college degree?

The benefits of pursuing an adult education for a college degree are endless. Over 80% of all college graduates say that their degree has paid off in more ways than one. Not only are you learning specialized skills for a particular field, you’re receiving the opportunity to become more well-rounded. not only that, but according to a recent study, United States citizens with a college degree made approximately 98% more per hour than those without having completed a four year program.

What programs are most beneficial?

Depending on your personal interests and the field you wish to gain experience in, any number of degree programs could benefit you. a B.A. in English is beneficial for countless reasons. Not only does it teach critical reading and writing skills, it can improve your understanding of the English language. In addition, a B.A. in English can improve communication skills, and create a greater capacity for creativity and innovation in the workplace. In contrast, a psychology degree can help increase your understanding of the human mind and its emotional states. This can create a greater capacity for clear communication, as well as foster good marketing skills. About 6% of all college graduates major in psychology, and many of them go on to work in marketing and advertising.

Being on the fence about attending college as an adult student is completely normal. It’s a big decision, and a big commitment. But when you look at the numbers, you could potentially be losing almost half a million dollars by not completing a four year degree. It’s never too late to learn something new!

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