Funky Christmas Trees and Other Ways to Reuse Springs

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Not many people think of springs when they think of things that make their lives easier, but from custom automotive springs to the tiny springs in ball point pens, springs can be found in a variety of items that improve every day life. There are several different types of springs, each with a specific purpose and coming from different spring manufacturers. Once the item containing the spring is no longer useful, what happens to the spring?

One of the easiest springs to repurpose is a bed spring. Bed springs can be used to make vases, wreaths, and photo holders. If you have enough springs and a soldering iron, you can even make a cute Christmas tree. Because bed springs are conical in shape, they make excellent holders for wine bottles, pot holders, candles, and snacks.

If you are a crafty person and have quite a variety of springs to work with, you may want to make some decorations for your house. One crafter suggests sewing a small fabric hen and displaying it with springs as a “spring chicken.”

Automotive springs are more versatile for large-scale projects, due to their size. Adding an upholstered cushion to one end of a coil spring creates a one-of-a-kind bar stool for your breakfast nook or game room. Automotive springs can also be used as bookends or the legs of a coffee table.

Crib springs are also good for large projects. With a coat of spray paint and some clips, a crib spring can become a memo board or photo display. Add some upholstery to create a headboard for the child’s new “big kid” bed. Crib springs make good jewelry holders or hangers for craft supplies.

Springs are incredibly versatile and durable, and make great candidates for upcycling. So the next time you have something to throw out with springs in it, salvage the springs. While the new item might not be the purpose intended by the spring manufacturers, it might just continue the trend of springs making life easier.

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