The Importance of Preschool For Your Child’s Future

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In this ever evolving world of ours, the importance of receiving a high quality education is starting earlier and earlier. Once, it was far more common for children to start their education with kindergarten after a year or two of attending daycare, and that was enough. In some cases, it was actually more than enough. However, in a time where a college education is required for many jobs, preschool is becoming the foundation for receiving a lifelong high quality education.

Many might see daycare and preschool as the same things at their fundamental levels, but for those parents looking to make a difference in the future of their children, they should know that there are a few important differences.

For instance, daycare centers tend to be places where children are simply dropped off, kept entertained, and little more. Their time spent at daycare, while at times probably enjoyable for the child, is also precious time that could otherwise be used to better themselves for their futures. Children should certainly be allowed to be children, but parents should also recognize the importance those formative years will play later down the road.

Preschool is becoming a much better alternative for daycare aged children in that it’s a way to keep them preoccupied while their parents work or run errands or get on with their day to day lives, sure, but it differs from daycare in that it also helps with their grade school readiness. Preschool is more than just a way for keep children occupied, it introduces them slowly and organically to concepts they’ll explore more in the coming years of their education. Preschool gives children a leg up in the world. Sometimes more so than one might think.

The numbers don’t lie, and they’re saying that 25% of at risk children are more likely to drop out of high school if they don’t receive a quality preschool education; 60% of at risk children are more likely not to go to college if they don’t receive a quality preschool education; and a whooping 70% of at risk children are more likely to be arrested for committing a violent crime if they don’t receive a quality education. Given that approximately three quarters of children in the United States participate in a preschool program of some sort or another, many parents are beginning to take these numbers seriously, and are working to be sure their children receive the high quality education that they should be.

For some, finding the right preschool they can trust their child to can prove to be a bit of a task, but for most, their children are worth the extra time and energy spent finding one. After all, they’re preparing them for their future.

Daycare is all fun and games, but preschool is no laughing matter when it comes to the future of your children.

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